Devon Cook Books

The county is home to a whole range of good foods, and there are Devon cook books and recipe books to help you explore those foods.

The Devon Cook Book: A celebration of the amazing food & drink on our doorstep, by Kate Reeves-Brown

From Barnstaple to Brixham and Tavistock to Torquay … Devon has it all.

There’s so much more to Devon than cream teas and fish & chips – although both of these treats are hard to beat! From Michelin-starred dining to organic fruit and veg, the unparalleled coastline and rolling hills of Devon offer a colourful palette of culinary delights. Sensational seafood, coffee and cakes, fine cheese, crisp cider and succulent meats can all be found and enjoyed locally, while stunning views over harbours, picturesque beaches and lush countryside provide the perfect backdrop to all the fantastic food and drink this unique landscape has to offer.

We are proud to present the best of Devon’s producers, restaurateurs, shop owners and foodies to you in this book, which lets you dive right in to the mouth-watering dishes and heart-warming stories behind their success and passion for their craft. Get stuck in!

Riverford Farm Cook Book: Tales from the Fields, Recipes from the Kitchen, by Guy Watson

‘What we like most is to produce foods ourselves from start to finish – from farm to table, the Riverford way. Food should tell a story and, because we know what it is, we can tell you.’

Guy Watson’s ethos is simple: he wants to put fresh, flavoursome, seasonal food back onto people’s plates. In 1985, armed with a wheelbarrow and a borrowed tractor, he established his first Riverford farm in South Devon. Since then, and largely thanks to a groundbreaking home-delivery vegetable box scheme, a small network of Riverford farms has sprung up across Britain.

Packed with tips on growing your own organic vegetables and brimming with hearty recipes from Riverford’s celebrated Field Kitchen, the ‘Riverford Farm Cook Book’ gives an organic farmer’s unique insight into great-tasting food grown with care and cooked with passion.

Riverford Farm is between Totnes and Buckfastleigh, Devon.

The River Cottage Cookbook, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

More than just a collection of Hugh’s recipes, this book is a witty, practical guide to the River Cottage lifestyle from Channel 4’s iconoclastic back-to-basics chef. Includes tips on how best to buy organic produce and, for the more adventurous, advice on rearing your own meat, growing your own vegetables, and tapping into the free wild harvest.

‘How much of this book you incorporate into your life is up to you. But if all you do is grow a few herbs in a window box, make nettle soup once a year, and try a free-range goose for Christmas instead of a frozen turkey, you will already, I hope, be enjoying your life more.’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

With over one hundred recipes and Simon Wheeler’s acclaimed photography, The River Cottage Cookbook has been a hugely influential and original book, appealing to all downshifters and those who prefer their food to be full-blooded and wholesome.

The River Cottage Cookbook has won the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year Award, the Guild of Food Writers’ Michael Smith Award and the Glenfiddich Trophy and Food Book of the Year.

This new edition’s preface looks back at River Cottage from the perspective of 2011. The book also includes new recipes, new pictures and an updated directory that reflects the changes over the past ten years.

Plus many more River Cottage cook books.

River Cottage is not far from Axminster, Devon.

Devon Recipes, by Catherine Rothwell

‘To discover the real Devonian you have to talk about food,’ claims Catherine Rothwell in her introduction, and true enough, after a lifetime of collecting authentic local recipes the length and breadth of the country, she finds that this ‘beautiful county of fulfilled promise and pleasant surprise’ is the spiritual home of so many of Britain’s best-known and best-loved dishes.

The recipes include Sheep’s Head Soup, Salmon Pie, Devonshire Pasty, Stewed Ox Kidney, Plymouth Lamb, Snow Pancakes and Blackberry Wine.

Guest cook Sir John Gielgud offers his speciality, Roman Pie, and we travel to Rockford to make Tomato Chutney and to Lynmouth for Blackcurrant Fool.

A few seconds with this book and you are guaranteed to have an appetite the size of ‘Heavenly Devonly’!

Devon Cook Books

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