Books on Torbay and South Devon

The English Riviera: Paignton, Brixham & Torquay Through Time

The three towns of Paignton, Brixham and Torquay form the area of the Devon coast known as the English Riviera, due to the sandy beaches, mild climate and host of leisure attractions.

However, all three towns have their own, unique heritage. The market town of Paignton is characterised by its Saxon origins. Its ancient church and the traditional town green, along with the beautiful beach, make for the epitome of the English family holiday. Brixham is the home of the famous Brixham Trawlers and the tourist attraction replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind.

Torquay is different again. With its large harbour, thriving nightlife and balmy climate, it is easy to see why it became a fashionable Victorian resort. This collection of delightful photographs explores how the towns of Torbay developed to represent the best of the British seaside tradition.

Torquay Through Time

Torquay Through Time is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of the country.

Reproduced in full colour, this is an exciting examination of Torquay, the famous streets and the famous faces, and what they meant to the people of Torquay throughout the 19th and into the 20th Century. Looking beyond the exquisite exterior of these well-kept photos, readers can see the historical context in which they are set.

Through the author’s factual captions for every picture, and carefully-selected choice of images, the reader can achieve a reliable view of this town’s history. Readers are invited to follow a timeline of events and watch the changing face of Torquay, as the author guide us through the town’s streets.

There is something for everyone here, whether they have lived in Devon all their lives, or whether they are just visiting this fabulous town. It also shows how photography has continually evolved to keep up with an ever-changing society.

Torquay Then & Now

Torquay Then & Now presents a photographic record of one of the country’s foremost tourist destinations.

With black and white images carefully selected from the impressive archives held at Torquay Library, readers can readily compare views taken by eminent photographers during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with current scenes photographed and reproduced in full colour by the author, who also provides expert commentary on the changing face of the resort much lauded as ‘The Queen of the English Riviera’.

Residents and visitors alike will appreciate the evolving history, either wandering down memory lane or contemplating the rapid development of business and leisure facilities that have occurred in the early part of the twenty-first century.

A Paignton Scrapbook

Telling stories about well-known local characters of Paignton, the history of local businesses, A Paignton Scrapbook explores the truth behind various myths and legends, and, reminds readers of long-gone buildings, and bygone pubs and clubs, among others.

Brixham (Britain in Old Photographs)

In its heyday, Brixham s fishermen were renowned for the vast number of fish they landed, the choir was one of the finest in the west of England, and it was a beautiful place to live.

Today, it continues to be a picturesque place to live and visit, and the links to fishing and music are still very much alive. The large number of captivating photographs and postcards in this book reveal the past ways of life to visitors, and remind locals of the sights that used to be so familiar.

Once again, Ted Gosling and June Richards have selected a wonderful collection of photographs that will delight anyone who knows this charming part of Devon.